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Saving Money On Wedding Music
When it comes to wedding music, there are some choices that stand apart from others. During the ceremony, it is getting more popular to avoid the traditional bridal music and use a chosen song of love instead.

People still are using the traditional bridal song too, but it is just not necessary anymore for those who want to be original or walk down the aisle to a song that best expresses how they feel about their nuptials.

When it comes to the music for your wedding ceremony and the reception, it is important that you consider your budget above all things. Naturally, you will want to have all of the music that you love available including the music that you want for your first dance.

Hiring a DJ can be the best way to go, but it is not the only way to go. If you must hire a DJ, there are a few ways that you can save money on it.

Saving on a DJ

For starters, you can look to hire an amateur DJ who is just starting out. They are eager for the work and will often cut you a good deal. You can find good amateur DJs at local school dances and sometimes just by asking local area high school and college kids about DJs that they might know. Young DJs who are just starting out are also using modern technology like portable computers with downloaded music and this means that they can almost always get just about any song that you might want.

Young DJs are also more willing to follow your precise instructions for what you want to hear and will allow you to have full control of what they do. Many amateur DJs will also make you custom CDs if you ask them and you can give them to the bridal party as gifts.

To get the best prices from the amateurs, you can let them audition to make sure that they can play your wedding song and then you can let them bid their prices. You simply choose the best of them who has the best price.

Saving on a band

Many couples would prefer to use a live band at their wedding and reception. Live bands offer a special tone to the ceremony and it adds some elegance.

When you want to save money on a band, you can often find great deals when you look to local high school and college bands to get much cheaper prices. You can use the school bands to play music at the ceremony and hire a DJ for the reception.

You can also look to any friends or family members who play musical instruments to help you out. Just make sure that the band that you do hire knows how to play the song or music that you are hoping to have at your wedding.

Instruments like guitar, Spanish guitar, saxophone, and piano are always great for weddings and you can often find local musical students who will be willing to play a wedding for small fees.

Extra Money Saving Tips on Wedding Music

When it comes to the music that you want to hear at your wedding, there are some extra tips that you can use to help and make it just a little bit more affordable. Some of these tips are as follows:

Hold auditions with young people who are trying to get some experience and let them come to you.

Place an ad in the paper or penny saver that you are looking for wedding bands or DJs and let them bid for the jobs. This will have the different players competing for your wedding which will have them all trying to outbid each other for the chance for exposure. Let them audition and tell them that you are taking quotes on fees so that they all know what is going to happen.

Use pre-recorded live music tapings at your wedding so that you will get he live music sound but without paying the extra money.

Use a stereo at your reception that hosts various different mixed CDs and plays them all automatically. Many stereos these days will play through dozens of Cds in a row so that the music lasts for hours. This can cost you no more than the price of the CDs. You can also use CDs that you burned yourself from the computer so that you can get all of your favorite music

A nice decoration for a reception is to make a collage of pictures of the bride and groom and their families.

Mia LaCron is the founder of - - devoted to helping individuals live out the wedding of their dreams on a realistic budget they can afford.

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How To Select The Right Event Planner For Your Event

Finding the right event planner for you and your event is an event in itself.
A coordinator or professional event planner must be detail-oriented, organized, energetic,
enthusiastic, nurturing and flexible.
If you are the host or the individual selected by your company to be responsible for the event that you are holding, then the success of the event will be your responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative you find a coordinator that you can work with, who is reliable, dependable and with whom you will have confidence.

A good event planner is able to accomplish the following:
Research: Ideas, locations, feasibility, staffing, volunteers, budget, timing, sponsorship.
Design: Decor, layouts, presentation, logistics, creativity.
Coordinate: Delegation, responsibilities, committees.
Evaluate: Was it a success? Why? Why not? Document any suggestions for future use.

Your Event Planner must be able to work efficiently and smoothly with others; to communicate honestly and clearly with everyone.
The coordinator usually manages the big picture, hiring reliable and competent staff, volunteers and vendors that are located in the city in Alabama where you are holding your event, forming committees, detailing job descriptions and schedules. A good rapport needs to exist between yourself and everyone connected to the event. Treating all personnel with respect and appreciation is a must for the planner you choose.

A good event planner communicates every facet of the event to all his/her employees and keeps you well informed.
All the planning in the world will not work if no one is aware of the plans. If a problem arises, someone needs to be able to continue implementing the plans for the event.

Keep in mind, experienced event professionals are always continuing their education. They are willing to learn and work with new ideas and technology. Professionals of this caliber lead from a position of strength and that strength is derived from knowledge and experience. This is the type of coordinator you want for your event.

With this in mind, start interviewing. Ask for a face-to-face interview. It is during this interview you will get a feel for the event planner and if you will be able to work with him/her. Look at his/her portfolio, photos and invitations.
Discuss you needs and be sure the planner has the experience to follow through.
Ask for and check references. Some questions are:
What are the most recent events you've organized?
How many events, like the one we want, have you supervised?
When were they?
What was the extent of you involvement?
How many people attended?
If a fund-raiser, how much money did the event raise?
Can you plan and follow a budget?
How much time do you have to promote to this event?
Would you work out of your home or must we provide you an office?
What kind of people skills do you have? Are you able to motivate people?
How do you function under pressure?
Will you be there on the day of the event? If not, who?
Do you have letters of recommendation?
More tips on choosing an event planner.

Be specific when asking questions and be sure you completely understand the replies. There must be no misunderstandings. There are big differences between types of events - large or small, informal or formal, corporate, social or wedding, etc. That is one of the reasons to hire a coordinator who has experience in putting together your type of event. Ask questions until you are satisfied you have chosen the most qualified person to plan your event.

The fee structure is dependent upon many items. How much you participate and how much the coordinator actually does. Determine if a flat fee is charged or if the fee is a percentage of the total budget? Ask what is required for the down payment? When is the balance due? What is the cancellation policy?

Once you have decided on a coordinator, a concise agreement must be drawn up covering details and responsibilities to prevent any
misunderstandings in the future.

Work with your coordinator, asking for progress reports. Keep your own checklist current. With everyone working closely together, your event will run smoothly and be a success! All because of your good judgment in hiring the best coordinator for your event.

Corporate Event Channel provides event planning information and resources to help Corporate companies and private individuals through the process of planning and putting together any type of event such as a casino night party, fundraiser, team building event or any other type of Alabama function. If you are looking for a full-service event planner, you can search our directory to find one that best suits your needs and budget. The Corporate Event Channel has services to help you find a top event planner, party planner or meeting planner, find information, tips, articles and ideas for planning a Alabama party and a complete directory. View Alabama event planner listings, get great ideas for different kinds of themes, and more. Our event planner resource library contains articles to help anyone planning a company holiday party, picnic, bbq, birthday, meeting, convention, grand opening or other types of functions. Learn more about catering services, and how to choose and work with a Alabama EVENT PLANNER. With our network of professionals, we also provide event planner and other services to individuals looking for help in planning an event uch as team builders, caterers, casino night parties, audio visual, sound, lighting and other services. If you plan to put on any type of event, Corporate Event Channel can connect you to event planner companies, services and resources to help make your job easier. Whether you need a professional EVENT PLANNER, "Corporate Meeting Planner" or "Corporate Event Planning Company", caterer, "team builder" or "event coordinator", event planner or "eventplanner", we are here to help. We are a network of professionals that are here to help make your next event a sure success.

Party planning is something that needs to be done, but honestly not many of us really like to do it. The cooking, the cleaning, the picking of the menuthere are plenty of things that we just have to do. Yet, it can be so overwhelming, to say the least, to do these things without concentrating on the reason for the party to begin with. If you can not relax for your party because of party planning being too stressful, you need some additional tips to make it that much easier.
Here are those tips.
Dont be afraid to ask for some help. By enlisted friends or relatives to help out, you help them to feel more important and more useful to you. In fact, they are probably going to love it. They can help with any aspect that they are good at. If you have a baker in the family, ask them to help with desert. If you have someone in the family that knows a lot about alcohol, enlist their help too.
Party planning means writing it all down. If you want to plan out just what to do with this party without trying to memorize it all, you need to track it through pen and paper. Getting it written down also simplifies the process to allow you to know just what needs to be done instead of trying to remember it all.
Take shortcuts along the way. Why not hire someone to cater your party? Party planning can be made much easier when you enlist the help of professional services to come in and handle certain aspects of the party. You can also delegate the cleaning, decorating and even the cleaning up afterwards too.
Lets face it. While we would all love to do all of the party planning on our own, it makes much more sense to enlist some help along the way.
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Free Party Games for every occasion, birthday, holiday and party theme including free printable games and activities. Plus, free baby shower games, bridal shower games, birthday party games, printable party games, TV Trivia, Movie Trivia games. All the games have easy instructions. Over 1,000 free party games for baby showers, bridal showers, holiday celebrations and kids parties. Also, printable activities for kids parties, baby showers and bridal showers. Movie Trivia Games and TV Trivia games. The party games can fit to your party theme for birthdays, holidays or any occasion. Cool movie trivia is fun at any event! Check out the new printable shower games and the Journey to the Wild Divine.
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How To Become An Event Planner
Some of you may be wondering why learning How to Become a Party and Event Planner would be of interest to anyone. But, if have always dreamed of owning your own business and having the freedom that comes along with it, then you will definitely be interested in the event planning industry. Worldwide, the annual sales generated in the party, business, and event planning industry exceed $500 billion dollars (Source: International Special Events Society). Anyone entering into this industry has a wide range of options available to them and a huge market to tap into.
Estimated start up costs:
The start-up costs of becoming a party and event planner are relatively low but they will depend upon what services you intend offering. For most, the essential equipment includes: cell phone, laptop, business cards, Yellow Pages ad, and a good organizer of some sort. If you intend on offering catering as one of your event planning jobs, then clearly you will need a fully stocked kitchen but it is possible to outsource this function if you are coordinating the entire event. Bare bones start-up costs including a rough estimate for liability insurance would be less than $2500 if you did your homework and found some deals along the way.
Recommended experience, skills, and training:
Although college degrees are available for an event planner, most of the entrepreneurs within the industry do not have one. The majority of business owners started out in catering or business meeting planning and expanded into event planning. However, many owners have attended classes and attained certification. In addition to education, learning how to become a party and event planner includes experience in the following areas: marketing, accounting, management, and sales.
Marketing tips:
To obtain credibility as a competent event planner, it is imperative that you present a professional image at all times. All of your invoices, e-mails, business cards, and correspondence should bear your company logo and have continuity in visual presentation. You will probably see good results from joining networking groups and the local chamber of commerce. Word-of-mouth will be critical in the early phases while working with the public but you will need a completely professional image and marketing strategy to land the corporate accounts.
Creating a website and filling it with a lot of useful content will land you a high ranking in the search engines and provide you with a powerful marketing tool to help promote your business. Be sure to include a link to this website in all of your e-mails and correspondence as a cheap but effective way of driving traffic to your site. Finally, use direct mail campaigns to local businesses that include some kind of promotion or discount for using your services.
Financing sources:
Learning how to become a party and event planner takes years of experience and a knack for organization but it does not require a lot of start-up capital. This is very fortunate because most banks are not going to loan you the money anyway if you are a brand new business. But, if you already own a catering business and are merely seeking to diversify your services, then your local bank is definitely an option. For everyone else, consider your friends and family if you do not already own a computer or have the cash.
Income Potential:
The income potential of learning for an event planner is only limited by your ability to sell yourself and your services to the clients. With over $500 billion dollars out there up for grabs, there is no reason why you cannot see six figures within the first three years. Like any business, however, you will only be successful if you deliver unparalleled service time and time again. But, if you love planning an event and seeing people happy, then becoming a party and event planner is for you and a way towards financial independence.
Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.
Randy has dozens of home based business articles such as Medical Billing Business. You can also sign up for Randy's free newsletter and 8 different FREE e-courses: Profitable Home Business Newsletter.
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Event Planning & Production
When planning an event, there are many things to consider. Even if this event is as plain as any simple event could get, it still needs planning and preparation. An event falling flat on its face is something that you would really like to avoid at all costs. Of course, who would like to be part of an event that nobody is enjoying? People would rather be in some other place rather than at a boring event.
No matter how much publicity an event gets, the publicity is not a guarantee that that event will be a success. Many events in Alabama have lost their spirit and glamour all because planning and preparation were not enough. Events should be planned early on, and it is best if things start rolling as soon as the decision to host that event has been done. There is nothing wrong with having too much time on your hands. In fact, it is certainly better than having to cram a couple of days before the set date. Plenty of details involved in event planning and production. After all, it is not a simple thing to do.
On the date itself, it would be a wise move to start checking that everything is in order. Confirmation of the entertainment, the caterers, and all the other things that need to be done should take place early on. There could be nothing worse than having a highly publicized event without sufficient food and the entertainment.
Big companies hire a event planner to facilitate a smooth event. That way, the employees of the company can enjoy the event with their visitors and guests. These big companies would also like to provide something to take back as a keepsake of the event, so most of these hired services craft souvenirs, mementos, and video clips or photos as part of the services that they provide.
Event Planning provides detailed information on Event Planning, Convention Event Planning Services, Corporate Event Planning, Event Planning and Production and more. Event Planning is affiliated with Corporate Event Management.
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